by on September 3, 2019

I've had subs tell me they enjoy my blogs but there are so many to go through. There are sequels, cross overs, soon to be Pre-equals, and so I created this ORGANIZED directory.


I have noticed that many of my blogs have been well appreciated. When I posted a blog on addiction a slave came to me venting for the first time. From that point forward I wrote many other guides. Over the years I’ve had some wild experiences, and decided to start writing things down from memory. Your support and feedback is very much appreciated, which is why I still continue to share my writings. Feel free to like and comment. <3

Note: I understand there have been grammar issues in the past, I've been going back and correcting older blogs now.


How I got stared a decade ago

How I Became KrisHawk And My First Hardcore Cash Sub


Series Blogs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

My personal Favorite Series, with a long term slave who I still own.

1. Andrew’s Social Security Number and His Destroyed Credit.

2. Draining Andrew’s Inheritance

3. Whoring Out Andrew's Cash Cunt Like A Cum Dump

Ryan is my live in sub.

1. Mind fucking Married Father into losing everything. Wife, Kids, Tuition Fund, and 401k.

2. Stanic Worship 2

3. Enter Ryan, Live In Sub

Father Tommy

1.Young Pathetic "pastor" & Satanic Worship

2. Same as Part 2 To Ryan Series. Satanic Worship 2

College Professor Series.
1. Rinsing & Mind Fucking The College Professor

2. Risking Career Of The Professor By Blackmail


Trucker Pig Series

The first part was a mixture on the beginning of fucking him over, but also my first attempt to explain FINDOM, however I remade another blog more in depth later on.
The erotic mindset of Financial Domination and Understanding it. (Read Updated Version)

2. Fucking n Drilling 401k With Cash Cock.

3. Milking Away At That 401k


Other Memories Or past Experiences

Changing Direct Deposit

"Mowing" The Nice Man Next Door, Mr Robinson. 2007-2016

Making Me Power Of Attorney

Driving My Sub To Bankruptcy And Wrecking His Marriage


Ancien+ Bug Chaser & Negative Accounts

Locked Out Of Computer And ROBBED


House Burglary At Midnight

Damsel In Distress - Brooke, Rich Party Chick

Mike's Utility Bills And Broken Marriage

Publicly Humiliating And Draining Kyle

Keystrokes and The VIRUS!

Home Security Cameras

Electoral Domination

iCloud Theft

Officer Matthew And Gun Control




Non Biased Self Help Guides (Mostly for Slaves)

Personal Favorite Guide:
Managing And Understanding Addiction To Financial Domination

AfterCare: BDSM Essentials.

Not all Non-Tributing Subs Are Time Wasters

Genuine Doms Dont Need Your Cash

Understanding Findom (In Depth)

How To Keep Slaves for YEARS (Rather then short term)

Preventing Crawl Back Cycles, Trust, And respecting limits.

Remembering That Slaves Are Human too


Empathy And Understanding A Subs Mind

AND FINALLY, for fun I decided to write twists to famous songs but changing the lyrics relating to Findom Or BDSM in general.


TaxMan FinDom Twist

Hard Days Night (Dedicated to live in slave.)

He's A Faggot/ I Feel Fine

Cash Faggot/ You Will Work For Me (Day Tripper/We Can work It Out)

Charge Your Card/ I'm Looking Through You

Money - Pink Floyd
MONEY (Twist)


One Sad Day (One Fine Day FinDom Twist)




In Your Savings Account / Human ATM
















Thank you for this, Master Kris. You write very hot blogs...
Cant be dowing deep enough to honor this great work of Master Kris. Shows and demonstrates his true power and knowlegde how do deal with us fags for the possible result. I was allowed a personal session and got the feeling of the addiction immedeatly. Thank you for allow me to s€rveyou.
This will be updated occasionally and reshared when this gets lost in the giant pile like the rest...Enjoy the new blog. This has just been updated the first time already.