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Officially the longest Blog I've written up this point. This is actually a sequel to one blog, and a pre-equal and sequel to another timeline with Ryan. This is my first cross over blog._______________________________________________________________________

Before you read this, it's crucial you read this before going on.

Satanic Worship Part 1

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This took place months before Ryan had come to be my live in slave, although he was rapidly (and proudly) losing everything to me willingly behind his wife Angela’s back. Tommy was now Father Tom, and he was very proud of the fact he could please his family. Another reason why he decided to become a ****** is because he “knew” he was going to hell in his own sick head. He once told me “I’ve spent my entire life pleasing others, never thinking of myself sir.” Tommy lived at the actual Parish in a small building connected to a catholic school. Soon he was well liked by everyone in the parish. Students looked up to him and told him things in confession that made him want to be a better man. He did text me after the first few confessions he had, “I know I can never be a better man.. but I can be a better faggot sir.” He went from holding Mass on Sunday once a month to every week. His charming personality was well appreciated due to his charm and willing to make others happy. As for finances, He had money regardless as his family was wealthy and what you call hypocritical rich christians willing to spend more on lavish things then helping others. Tommy was very spoiled indeed, as he had his own car bought by his parents that was always parked at the church. He wasn’t paid much by the church but that was never a factor for going into “spreading the faith.” To this day he does not know I’m Catholic myself.  ;-) I just have such a dark perverted mind. :-) Tommy hadn’t contacted me for awhile as he was getting used to the new change in his life. There was an occasional hello here and there, but nothing that important.

Tommy’s growing up was truly something. Tommy’s parents were very much conservative and would make jokes about Mexicans getting a job or how faggots get aids and die. One time his father told him the old fashioned “Bar-Stool” joke and Tommy gave a nervous laughter. When he would laugh he’d wonder if anybody would ever find out. “Would they hate me?” is what he thought over and over. They sure as hell weren’t the Brady Bunch, despite having a gorgeous home and a garden of exotic plants. His mother Joan was hooked on prescription opioids while Mark, his father, drank beer like it was going out of style. Tommy knew in the back of his mind he would need some type of consoling in the future.. or perhaps he was a loser like his parents told him. Mark would chug his cheap Coors Beer while demanding prayer at the table is what all good christian families do. Joan was a frail woman, and was taking pills to put up with the stress of being an administrator to the local parish and dealing her abusive husband. Tommy loved his parents, and wanted to be the center of the family. Hearing positive feedback gave Tommy pleasure, even with an underhanded insult from his dad. “Good Job Sissy Boy!” It just made Tommy fully erect hearing his dad call him that.

Tommy didn’t have many friends in school, but as he got older he noticed he wasn’t paying attention to any of the girls. He thought certain guys on TV were hot, but many of the other guys would make fag jokes left and right. They would make the typical jokes about being a butt pirate and getting shit on your dick.. typical childish humor. There was one boy Micheal that Tommy was fond of that sat in front of him one year. He would fart and tell Tommy to smell it while his shoes were half off. Tommy said nothing until someone noticed he had an erection. From that very day he was the shy faggot too afraid to talk to anyone. One afternoon at recess him and the boys were laying in the grass talking about which pokemon would be stronger in battle against Mewtwo. Michael kicked off his shoes down the hill… and Tommy’s face was 6 inches from them. There were holes in Michael’s socks, and they looked bigger then any pair of feet he had ever seen. Some instinct must have took over, as he reached his face in his socked feet and just started sniffing. I don’t remember much of what he told me, but when he got beat up by the very boy he was crushing on. After School he grabbed him by the throat the way his father did, “Give me your fucking cash! If you don’t want me to tell anyone you’re a faggot you’re gonna get more out of your rich parents understand?” Tommy nodded his head up and down quickly without hesitation with the “Uh-Huh” look. For a pathetic loser Tommy had a big dick, and it began to show as Micheal held him against the wall. Micheal took notice and laughed at him not giving a fuck how he felt. “You’re a pathetic faggot” (he said as he dug in tommy’s pockets, taking $20 which was a lot for someone his age) “and you’re turned on by me actually CALLING you a faggot. Are you fucked up… FAGGOT?!”  Tommy Began giving Micheal money after school regularly, and Micheal would always be sure to sit on a ledge with his shoes off. He knew how weak they made Tommy. He was also turned on by the control he had over him, and Tommy was turned on by being controlled against his will. Abuse and bullying was his only pleasure.

As Tommy got older Joan had a second son. One evening before dinner when he was young, Tommy asked his mother what she would do if his brother was gay. Frail and shaking from withdrawal the answer was cruel “I would disown him and pray for his soul in hell.” His father happened to be listening, and grabbed Tommy by the throat. “Are you sure son that you’re not a fudge packer yourself? You sucking dick at school?!” His father slapped him across the face.. giving Tommy another erection hoping it wouldn’t be seen. “You were raised in a good christian family you pathetic looser! If you’re not a Faggot you’ll become a Pr***st!” His father let him down as tommy heard squeaking sounds as he slid down the plaster wall. His mother looked at him in the eye as his feet were fully back on the floor, looking to his erection. She walked towards her seat at the table and whispered harshly in his ear “You’re nothing but a fucking perverted loser!!” Her eyes glaring with hatred as she turned away. He slowly walked back to the table with his turn to offer blessings at the table. Mark opened his next beer before putting his hands together to pray. “We give thanks for this food lord, and pray that my son isn’t a faggot loser. He will become a pries* and serve you along with serving this family’s good name!” As Tommy put his napkin around his neck the only thing he thought was “I love being a loser.”

We will get back to Tommy in a short bit.. time to revisit Ryan a bit…


This overlaps in between two time lines

This Happens After I met Ryan but before he moved in with me.

Now Continue On

Ryan stared back at the screen jerking furiously as he was staring at the screen being controlled by Team Viewer. His speech was slurred moaning “I’m a dumb faggot, I’m a dumb faggot, I’m a dumb faggooot…” His breathing was heavy as he realized nothing could not be taken back. I was amused at the fact that he was being destroyed and being literally sent into ruin… as I laughed at how pathetic it was that he was getting off on it! All this did was make him hornier. I was laughing at how dumb he looked through the screen as I was flashing him an original copy of his birth certificate, his passport, social security card, his State ID and his Debit Card. I was casually blowing my smoke through the screen assuring Ryan that his life documents made my dick hard, and that they were right where they needed to be. Right in my collection of other idiots stupid enough to give into their instincts of being destroyed. His voice was that of a man with a sore throat, eyes entranced like cat eyes.

“Sir, my 401K is gone, I’ve sold everything off. Angela has been asking where all the money has gone… I hate her but I love YOU sir.” I rolled my eyes “Oh Ryan you were pathetic enough to go through your sons college fund.. and you came… each time a chunk would get milked out of you. What kind of man does that?” His masterbating made a loud flapping sound that got louder through the camera. “A Pathetic Loser sir, I love being a loser. I’m willing to fuck over my own family just to get fucked over by you…. Being your dumb faggot is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Being ruined is just a like a bitch giving up what her man wants. I’m a bitch with a cunt sir, and I’m giving everything up. Im that low and pathetic I spread my cunt for you to fuck everything out of me. All my checks will be direct deposited into your account within a week….. Im here at the family computer while Angela and the others are at dinner…. which… I lied… again… about being sick… yet again…. I’m a loose…errrRRRRR!” Ryan once again shot all over himself as I watched him bring himself to further poverty. I was high on power knowing this would be one of our final cam sessions…. for what was to come next. For 4 years he sat in front of that computer, crying with lust ending in orgasm… He looked Like Dr. Harmen from the first season of American Horror Story, in tears after cumming and looking out the window.

One fine evening, Ryan arrived at my door 5 nights before the exposure tape was filmed.  For those who read the first blog, everyone knows about the “exposure” tape. Ryan was already transitioning on leaving his abusive wife and doing everything he could to transfer any ounce of wealth to me, Including the title to his car. He couldn’t wait to record it and send it to Angie. He was tired of living the conservative lifestyle. He didn’t wanna go to church, sucking dick and taking up the ass felt so much better. And what was the best, was getting fucked over. That evening we began planning on what he would when she left him. “Sir she will destroy my reputation…” I asked how that made him feel. “It turns me on deeply sir, knowing you’re the reason why.. knowing you manipulated me to do anything you told me. Where will I go?” I decided Ryan would live with me, as a roommate had just passed away. “I’ve read stories about live in slaves…. I always thought it was something just fantasized about. I wouldn’t have to beg for food when the change in direct deposit happens from my 2 jobs. Thank you for thinking of me sir.” I always take care of my slaves… as Ryan had literally been sent into ruin. “I jerk off sir, knowing I have shit going into collections. I get hard when a collector calls me and I remember why I’m broke.”

“I wonder how even more pathetic I can get after I move in… I want to be the most pathetic loser of all! And be the dumbest faggot you’ve ever fucked over. I mean I’ll be working two jobs with paychecks I’ll never see!” Ryan continued, “There is something I’ve always wanted to try.. I want to see you use someone else while I watch. Or am I not worth it sir?” I thought of Tommy immediately as he himself once told me he would love to be used by me with another slave. Our last time having a session was one of my darkest moments in the actual Church where he preached the word of God. I showed Ryan videos I had made with Tommy. “He’s cute sir, I’d love to watch another dumb faggot happily destroy themself like I’m doing. And I’m proud of that sir.” I spit on him reaching for my phone in my pocket. “The fact that you’re getting off to the fact that you’re close to bankruptcy is pathetic itself.. and you’re gonna cum knowing you’re pathetic JUST for being turned on by it.” Ryan started to grab himself as I kicked him in the balls as he fell on the floor with a loud *thud.* He got back on his knees and simply said “thank you for hurting me sir.”



With Ryan at my shoes and sucking on my laces, I dialed Tommy’s cell and placed the phone to my ear. Tommy was surprised to hear from me in my tone of voice that made him weak in seconds. It was a Saturday night a few hours before midnight and he held Mass the next morning, but its not like I gave a fuck. Ryan had been skipping church half the time as well anyway. And nothing happened to him, other then being ruined by his own reckless urges. Keeping the sabbath day means making your Master happy, Ryan realized. Tommy’s voice was quiet, like a car horn far into the night as you drift to sleep. “Sir out of nowhere? I haven’t been over there in awhile… I’ve… felt ashamed for what I did in the house of God.” I knew just how to work Tommy’s mind, having little will and impulse control. “Tommy, I have that loser Ryan I told you about. He’s at my feet as I’m talking to you now.” There was a gasp in the phone. “I’ll be right over sir.” I told tommy to bring his robes he wore for Mass and his Bible. For the first time in awhile, he addressed me as sir. “Sir My wallet is thick..I’m afraid… but I haven’t been fucked in awhile… it’s an urge.. I keep fighting. I keep being told God is watching me.” I smirked knowing I could break this idiot down…. like a weak tower in the game of Jenga. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of Tommy. because in reality you know who God TRULY IS.” His voice quivered in the phone, throat dry as I could hear him swallow.  

When they both met Tommy was very shy. Ryan thought Tommy was handsome and thought it was a delight to meet another dumb faggot. Tommy was shy as he always was, trembling with excitement. His eyes looked like glass as he stared at Ryan’s big feet, realizing he was a bigger loser then he thought. Tommy turned to me “Sir I brought my robes and bible-“ I cut him off yanking him by the cross around his neck, snapping the chain. “Strip down butt naked and wear ONLY your robe, and this rosary around your neck.” I pulled out a rosary that had been given to me by a friend years ago which I had no use for. Tommy got undressed as Ryan started rubbing himself through his pants with the most sheepish look on his face. A lustful sheepish look, that of a mentally deranged man. I walked around tommy in a circle as he his face looked confused, lost in a mind of wonder. I cleared my throat stopping in front of him, only walking around him just to mess with his head. “Tommy do you remember when we marked you with the symbol of the beast?” Tommy swallowed hard and lifted up his gown, exposing himself nude. “Please mark me again sir. I beg you to force me to defy God…” Tommy’s eyes rolled back in his head, entering a unique subspace I don’t see quite often. He wasn’t intoxicated, though he was a miserable faggot loser. A loser that realized he had instincts to act out as an idiot. For being a loser, was his greatest pleasure. And nothing would ever change that. Things were going to well for him in his personal life….. he couldn’t stand it. “Please mark me sir.” I pulled out a black marker and wrote “Hail Satan” on his chest as his legs trembled as he became erect. “Sir my family has always been right. I’m a faggot, a loser, and a disgrace. If the joy of being a loser means going to hell I am so ready.”

Ryan looked at Tommy with curiosity still grabbing himself. I took out a bottle from my safe and took out a dose of hydrocodone for Ryan the first time. “Ryan these are dog treats for faggots. They weaken your mind, think of them as your vitamins. The more you become addicted to these, the more you become addicted to me.” Ryan got on his knees “I’m not just a dog I’m also a stupid bitch sir” he said with his mouth open and waiting in anticipation. Tommy held up his robe staring at the black letters and spoke “I remember when you drugged me with oxycodone sir… Can I have a dog treat too?” I dropped a pill in Ryans mouth. He opened and held it in his mouth… hesitant to swallow the pill. I rolled my eyes and grabbed him by the throat and half-way pulled down my basketball shorts. “Let me give you something to drink it with.” Ryan looked up at me with the most depraved lust in his eyes. He began opening wide with the pill on his tongue… and began gulping my heavy stream of piss. Tommy shuddered just watching as I got another idea. “Tommy, you WILL receive a dog treat. But get your car started.. we are going back to the church where you preach!” Ryan looked at Tommy with piss dribbling down his shirt and his skin. The piss on his arms glistened in the light as Tommy stared in a strange jealousy. “What a lucky faggot” he thought. Tommy let his robe back down and looked down. “In the house of God I realize that YOU are my true God sir. I am proud to be a disgrace.” Ryan stood up and walked over grabbing tommy’s dick and whispered in his ear… “Don’t you love being a dumb faggot…? Its the best feeling in the world.” Tommy looked back at him with frozen eyes, those of a deer in headlights in the mindset of utter shock and unknowing. “I love being a faggot too Ryan.. it would be so humiliating if I were to be exposed.” Ryan just smirked with a look of lust and yearning, “Being exposed is a rush, I’m about to be exposed to my entire family,” he said rubbing tommy harder. I watched this little scene like it was some deleted episode of Queer As Folk. I wanted Tommy to sink lower then pathetic… and then I thought how Ryan was flat broke. There is nothing more humiliating then being fucked over by another loser, only for that cash to end up in my wallet at the end of the day.


We arrived at the parking lot to the 7-Eleven, 2 blocks away from the Church. If Tommy’s car was parked normally, perhaps someone from the parish or another father may knock on his door. If he wasn’t there, someone may go looking in the church. We walked deep into the night, not saying a word. Ryan was in his piss soaked polo and khakis while Tommy walked in his robes not saying a word. I was carrying my black bag of fun and dangerous things while the only sound in the night were our foot steps on the pavement. When Tommy turned the keys to the doors he kept putting his finger to his lips as a motion to stay quiet. We entered the glass doors with the smell of holy water invading my nostrils. Memories of my childhood in Catholic grade and high school came rushing back. Other then the fountain, the eerie silence was deafening, as it had been the first time when it was just me and Tommy long ago. The fountain was running, making slight trickling noises as our shoes made *Tapping* sounds. When we got to the carpet we headed past the pews straight to the tabernacle. Walking on the soft carpet beneath my feet I noticed that the full moon was our only source of light, shining through the stain glassed windows.

I stood in front of the Tabernacle and Told Ryan to sit down in the front pew. He did so while his head nodded up and down, the hydrocodone taking effect. I turned to Tommy speaking quietly in a low whisper, “Stand behind the tabernacle and keep your bible in hand.” Without a word he stood behind the tabernacle as he did every Sunday morning, which would be in 5 hours. With the Narcotic taking effect on Ryan, I proceeded to place a chastity device on him as he pulled his khakis down to his ankles to make it easier, being fully soft due to the drug. I then gave him the lowest dose of Viagra as he quietly said, “whatever you have in mind is probably sadistically evil sir.” I smirked and handed him his phone out of his bag as he looked at me confused as to why he would need that. I walked over to Tommy and told him to lifted his gown, with Hail Satan glimmering from the light of the moon shining through the windows. I placed a chastity device on him as well.. I pulled off his robes completely as he was fully nude as I decided this would be the humiliation of the century. I whispered to him he would give a sermon to his God, and preach what losers are made to do. You think of everything I taught you!”

I didn’t expect much, it was just a sudden idea that rushed into my head. But I was quite surprised when Ryan loudly gasped, with his cage throbbing up and down while I sat next to him. This was a true test If Tommy could preach the word of being a dumb faggot, and what it meant to obey. Tommy cleared his throat with a sudden boost of confidence. He talked at normal level, not afraid of what could potentially happen. (“I don’t care if I get exposed, thats what happens to lowly losers eventually anyway”) Tommy thought as he cleared his throat to speak. Tommy stood and raised his arms directly, “I preach to you my god, my TRUE god. HAIL SATAN!!” He surprised me as his voice pieced the entire church echoing like a psychedelic altering your hearing. “Every dumb faggot has a pussy between their legs, and its called our cash cunts! We go to work everyday acting like we are normal, but in reality we are degenerate pieces of shit with one purpose. Some of us are prudes and keep our cunt between our legs, but we are DEVOUT BELIEVERS their REAL MEN are designed to fuck us right in that cash cunt! We give it up to please, To Praise my God KrisHawk, HAIL SATAN!!!!” Tommy Took out his bible and placed his cage in between the book as he opened the cover. He began pissing all over it, dripping onto the carpet where he would be preaching in 4 1/2 hours. He continued preaching his word of his TRUE God. “To Master Kris I defile this disgusting filth in the name of you!” The book rested on the wooden material of the tabernacle, the dripping sound drowned out by Father Tommy’s words. All he wore was my rosary and the cage keeping him straining in agony. “We and Ryan are Dumb faggots that serve you master, and we give you thanks. HAIL SATAN!” Tommy just stood there now, not knowing what to say next.

I clapped my hands, “Well done you fucking idiot, not caring if anyone hears us.” I was also speaking in a normal voice as I motioned for Tommy to walk over to us. Tommy’s footsteps were soft as his shoes were off. Now that Ryan had the Viagra kicking in, I took off his cage as I told Tommy to get the grail and the plate with those bread chips. Ryan asked me silently with a curious look, “Why did you take it off sir?” “Because you’re going to fuck Tommy’s hole and defile him in the very church he preaches.” Ryan was rubbing himself hard as the cage was off, “But I’ve always been a bottom sir. I’ve never topped.” I held out my hand and ask if he wanted a second dog treat. He got on his knees as Tommy came back into the light from the back room. Ryan whimpered like a dog simply to appease me with his arms held down like Scooby-doo. I dropped another low dose in his mouth as Tommy stood next to me asking what I wanted them for as I dropped the next dose in Ryan’s mouth. I took the Grail and Pissed inside it, filling it to the very Top. Tommy And Ryan stared, while tommy was fumbling with his chastity device in frustration. Through the moonlight he looked like a depraved caveman seeing fire for the first time watching my stream of piss fill up the cup… the same cup that was used for others to drink wine. I then pulled down the bottom half of my basketball shorts and shit two tiny turds onto the plate, the same plate where bread chips were placed. This time I walked up to the Tabernacle with plate and cup in hand.

I spoke loudly, not caring anymore or giving a fuck especially if father Thomas didn’t. “To those who give thanks to their God, you will do this remembering what disgusting faggots you are, and carrying me inside you. You are to do this with yourself in memory of me! Now Walk towards me with disgrace and sink lower then disgusting.” Ryan looked at Tommy sheepishly with lust, taking off his pants and polo to where he was fully nude as well. Both approached, with their hands clasped together, Ryan standing in front of me first. There was a gleam in his eye, an eye of pure devotion and that of a true robot. I held the plate up “The Body Of Your Master” and told him to reach down and eat one of the turds with his lips. He made a gagging sound that filled the room. He looked up at me with his eyes quenching, like that of one sucking on a lemon. I held up the cup filled with my piss. “The Blood of Your Master!” Ryan reached for the cup while chewing and swallowing half the glass. He looked at me with his dick throbbing. “That wasn’t so bad sir” he said walking back to the pew by instinct of going to church himself. Tommy had a look of fright, lust, and uncertainty. But he knew this is what a depraved loser must do. “This is fag food” he thought. “Food for the Faggot Brains.” I held up the plate with the second piece “The Body Of Your Master” as Tommy put his face in the plate and swallowed it whole and whimpered as he reached for the cup. “The Blood Of Your Master” but he was already grabbing the cup and gulping down the rest to wash it down, proving he was lower then disgusting to please me.

Tommy walked back but not until I handed him his phone.. he looked back my way while continuing walking toward the pew. “Hail Satan Master!” I walked back towards the pew as they sat next to each other as they whispered about how amazing it was to taste their God. I told Told Tommy to go back to the tabernacle when I never told him to sit back down. I tugged on his cock cage hard until his screams filled the church as he shouted, “Thank you for hurting me sir!!!” I smirked at Ryan and told him to go Join tommy and handed him a bottle of lube and his phone which he had set down on the pew. I told Ryan to get behind Tommy and stuff his dick up Tommy’s ass. Tommy looked at me eyes wide and caught by surprise. I walked over and placed poppers under Tommy’s nose, knowing how tight his hole was.. being too much of a loser to get dick like a normal faggot. Ryan put lube on himself not disobeying me, staring at me with an entranced look just doing what I told him to do. Tommy inhaled the poppers as Ryan plunged in him. Tommy whimpered.. “I’m not getting fucked by a man but another piece of shit loser!!!” Ryan moaned feeling the viagra and narcotic give him a unique new rush. He pounded into Tommy hard, the sound of skin slapping filling the massive room.  Ryan leaned over in Tommy’s ear, “isn’t it hot being a pathetic loser?” Ryan’s breathing was becoming quicker as Tommy panted hard realizing Ryan had a huge dick for a faggot. “Yes, I love being a loser too Ryan. I’m not even worthy to get fucked by a real man or my god, only another loser.”

I took another piss aiming at both their nude bodies, dripping onto the carpet and soaking it further. I laughed with power and pleasure, about to put my plan into motion. “Now Tommy, open your phone as Ryan fucks you and send him $300 on Paypal to pay for his pathetic divorce!” Tommy was sniffing the poppers and sent him $300 without question. Tommy whispered to Ryan and asked why Ryan was getting divorced. Ryan kept fucking him harder realizing how good it felt, “because our God has fucked my life over, he’s destroyed my life and I give thanks the way we consumed his body and blood.” Ryan talked in a lower tone in lust as Tommy quivered feeling Ryan in him balls deep. “He’s about to expose me, a true requirement for a pathetic faggot knowing his true place. I was born to be destroyed Tommy, and so are you.. Send me another $300 so it can help me fuck my life over even farther.“ Tommy opened his phone and sent Ryan another $300, turned on that a loser was taking his cash. Tommy put his head down on the tabernacle as I told Tommy to just give Ryan his phone. Ryan Kept fucking him harder turning to me, “may faggot please cum in this other loser sir?”

I Stood on the tabernacle standing over Tommy’s head laughing at what a true piece of shit he was. I told ryan to send me a Grand via wire transfer on Tommy’s phone as his shoots his disgusting load in another loser. Ryan sent me a grand using TOMMY’S bank account and sending himself his own amount, helping Tommy become more of a loser. As the sounds of notifications filled the room, Ryan was already cumming while shuddering as Tommy called himself a degenerate feeling truly pathetic. Tommy was so turned on he came all over the carpet hands free once again, oozing through his chastity device. With Ryan still hard from the Viagra, I told him to keep going. Tommy complained it was starting to hurt. “My butt hurts sir, can we please stop.” I reminded him that a dumb loser took dick in his cunt regardless if it was for pleasure as tears formed in his eyes. Ryan kept fucking for another 5 minutes sweating like a horse. I congratulated both for pleasing their god, and to remember to consume the body and blood of their lord in memory of being my drones. I took Ryans Phone and sent myself half of what Tommy sent just to be an asshole. “You can get it back by sucking other dicks for cheap!” This just sent Ryan over the edge as he started cumming again. After they both came, we gathered our things. After subspace, aftercare was obviously needed. We worked quickly to do some cleaning and soaked the carpet with wet towels. We scrubbed for a good hour. We walked out of the church while Tommy sighed, “I was hoping I would get exposed sir.”

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such a great blog entry! full-on faggotry, exploitation, Catholicism--all great things!
I was a bad boy in catholic school :-)
hell what a bad boss..he was bad boy in school
such a great master