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Videos of a few of our sessions exist.


This was an odd yet fun sub if mine. We met roughly early 2013. We met on the same location based app Ive mentioned before (if other masters are reading this omg does it work, you wouldn’t be the only str8 doms on there.) He was submissive in BDSM to me in general for years…… He had been aware of what Findom was, but didn’t know too much in detail upon meeting me. I still remember the first message.


“Hello Sir, I saw you’re a master and wanted to tell you I’m a disgusting pig.” I replied asking how old he was. “I’m 23 sir. Lately I’ve been realizing how worthless and pathetic I am.” My response, “You may be fucking pathetic, but you’re not worthless… as of now in your life. But we can change that. What are you into? Better yet give me your number.” He did just that, and I got a text message right away. “I’m a human door matt, an ashtray, punching bag, I love being a man’s toilet paper, and a human toilet in general. This is gonna sound weird but I have a macro and pyro fetish. Im fucked up in the head, so I want to try being fucked over like in your profile. What does that mean sir?”


“If it’s something you’re not aware of, I want to slowly get inside your head before we get to that if we ever do.” He obviously had an iPhone because my message said read and I could see him typing back. “Have you ever beat up a stupid faggot sir?” “Yes I’ve smashed balls, stomped on human skateboards..” His responses were coming in quick. “Please beat the shit out of me sir. I need to be fucked up before I go to school.” I was caught off by him saying he had to go to school. “I’m Catholic sir, I’m studying to be a ****** and it’s my parents wishes. They have no clue I’m a stupid faggot.” (Didn’t tell him I was Catholic-Agnostic.)


I gave him my address to come over. When he arrived he was dressed in casual clothes, looking younger then his actual age. He looked around the room seeing all my shoes hanging on the wall. He played on the floor without instruction and pulled out a bottle of poppers (WTF is this with every submissive?) He sniffed for endless seconds as his eyes rolled back.


The first thing I did was punch him in the balls with medium force. His eyes went wide while as he fell back on my bed. “That feels amazing sir. I deserved that sir. You have no clue how fucking pathetic I am.” I grabbed my bag of toys that are fun and dangerous. I gave him him half a dose of oxycodone (oxycontin) (He had told me he was already on norco for his midranges. So he obviously had the tolerance.) I pulled out a giant lighter. a large knife, and a blindfold. I then asked if he wanted water and some crackers. I did give him zofran for nausea so he could focus on embracing his blissfulness of his stupidy. “I’m gonna call and say I’m sick sir, after all I am sick in the head.” I took his phone as I didn’t want him to, at least then.


I told him to sniff his poppers for 5 seconds each as I pulled out the put the blindfold on. He spoke finally as I tied it around his head. “What is that giant flame for sir? That sounds very scary yet exciting!” (Didn’t mention the knife he saw, he was focused on his fetish for fire. YES this exists!) I told him not to move or something very bad can happen if he isn’t careful about the horrible things I may do or say. Before blindfolding him, I made sure he could see the knife as he shuddered with an erection swelling through his khakis. I pulled out speaker wire (couldn’t find my belt atm) and tied his hands really well behind his back. I then went and placed dark side of the moon. I turned out the lights and flipped on 3 blacklights.


I told him that the holy bible was before his face. (It really was.) “Spit inside the book that knows you’re a fucking piece of shit you sick minded CUNT!!” He swallowed his throat “That would be spiting on God sir…” I Punched him in the ball again. “I AM YOUR GOD! You can tell ME you’re a worthless idiot, but not the God you’re going to school to talk about!” He bowed his head moving his hands realizing he couldn’t free himself. It didn’t appear as if he wanted to be free. “Yes you’re right sir, YOU are my true God now!!!” I Untied his hands as the narcotic was fully kicking in. I took off the blind fold as well, giving him what he didn’t want.


I held the flame to his face and told him to bite a page off or I would burn the book along with his face. He whimpered as he tore out a page with his teeth as I then stuffed the page in his mouth releasing the lighter. I put three fingers in his mouth so his mouth was bulging. I lifted up his shirt and wrote an upside down cross in black marker with Hail Satan below it.” I grabbed him by his sweater and made him stare in the mirror to see himself. I pulled out the page from his mouth as he muffled while tapping his hand. “I have to pee sir…” I then lit the flame again and held the knife over it, 6 inches from his face. “Pull your pants down and piss on the bible as you say Kris Hawk is my Lord!” He pulled his pants and boxers down without question fully erect. He seemed so nervous. I lit the flame over the knife and pulled his sweater towards me, pulling it away from his hand. I held the flame over his sweater as it started to burn that he pissed all over the bible out of fear while fully hard. I then grabbed two towels and put out any part that smelt like it was burning. “That’s so fucking hot sir!” I handed him his car keys and get to his “class.” He took them from my hand not disobeying me as I held the knife in my hands that was still hot that I pointed at him. “I can’t wait for you fuck me over sir.”


He had gone to his class, wearing hail satan under his clothes. He would text me occasionally that he had never been to turned on in his life. He had totally forgotten about my feet as the fear and terrorizing dangerous behavior was far more exciting. He had come over a week later, explained that he had a gamer fetish. I was to play call of duty black opps 2 online with my friends (THIS VIDEO SURVIVED.) as I set my camera down. “What is that for sir?” I got the computer and camera in position (back then I didn’t do much editing but I hadn’t hit record yet.) “To use it so I can potentially fuck your life over.” He looked at me in the eyes mindlessly as if he were in a trance while he got hard again, “oh yes please fuck my life over…” I told him to obey me as I was going to use him for a video to use online. He worshipped my feet for like 20 min drugged up on oxcotin once again.



He was busy with school and it wasn’t another 2 months before we met up again. He was a full ****** and had made his vows to God. We did foot sessions as I used him for basic videos among other things.  Entering into 2015 he told me wanted to be drugged by something dangerous and something that would melt him into the pure loser that he was born to be. (He started growing a beard for some weird reason.) When he arrived next I fed him some mushrooms and a dose of MDA (not MDMA.) “Sir what is financial domination cashfucking?” “It’s an extreme form of BDSM. It’s the one way to TRULY feel worthless. You transfer your entire life power over to me. You transfer everything of worth you can think of bringing yourself lower and making me more powerful and superior.” He looked at me still entranced “I have 8 thousand in my bank account.. I’ve done some researching too… master… how you word it just sounds so amazing, like its the right thing to do!” I got hard as well, and grabbed my bag once again with a dildo that had suction. I sat it on a wooden chair as I held poppers to his nose and told him to sit down. He sat on it after I lubed it. “You’re about to get fucked over.” He began to grind his ass on the chair and moaned while I put the lighter over the knife again and told him to log into my computer. He signed into paypal as I told him to bounce up and down harder on the artificial dick. I never told him to do anything, he sent me $700 as he started moaning, “take over from here sir, please just FUCK ME!” I took my socks off an stuffed his face and told him I wanted the chair to fucking squeak, as I took $1400, double what I fucked out of him shortly before. He sprayed and came all over hands free…. “Oh fuck sir fuck me.. oh fuck wish that was… ur real dick…. fuck you robbed me!” I asked if he wanted to shower and he just sat there on the dildo just staring off into a blacklight.”That was the hottest moment of my life!! I have an idea thats really horrible sir. I have the keys to the local church. I’ll leave the rest up to you sir.”


The VERY next night we crept in quietly, the holy water fountain dripping down piercing the silence as our shoes echoed through the building. I told him to strip butt naked and leave his clothes at the tabernacle as we walked there. I grabbed a giant cross and carried it over (very heavy.) I grabbed his phone telling him to wrap his legs around it and hump it. “Oh yes sir fuck my mind, fuck my soul, fuck my life, fuck my bank account, fuck me over!” I sent myself $1000 as I reached up and handed him the poppers and told him to sniff. He pissed all over the cross without command. He sniffed as he told me, “Fuck the lord sir, YOU ARE TRUE GOD!” I told him to get down and turn around. He bent over the tabernacle fully nude. I put the cross in front of him with Jesus pressed against his body. I told him to hump the cross as I lubed up his ass and stuck my dick inside. “OMG SIR YOU’RE TRULY FUCKING ME!” This was a symbol of power, defaming his faith and taking him into a dark world. “Getting fucked is a sin sir, but I sin to please you. I live to serve my true god…” He was panting as he had never been fucked, and the reality of being fucked in church in front of pews was getting to both our heads. I put his phone in front of my face, fucking him harder physically and financially. I sent myself 3 thousand as he started moaning showing signs he was gonna cum. I fucked him harder and hit his spot where it would be on any guy or girl. I whispered in his ear to praise satan. He shouted throughout the entire church as he screamed, “HAIL SATAN!! I’M GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS BY MY GOD HAIL SATAN!” As I slowed down I reminded him that the collection plate in this church was fucking pathetic. “I think you’re right sir. Let me make an offering to my true lord…” He was panting as I handed him the phone, both of us in alternate headspace as I was robbing him blind and defaming both of our faiths with blasphemy. He was humping the cross harder as he sent me the another 3 thousand as he came all over the cross and onto the carpet.


“Oh shit.. that was the best fucking experience of my life. I got fucked and cash fucked. I’m a lucky and stupid faggot aren’t I sir?” I punched him in the balls and told him to get dressed. “Let’s get out of hear we are lucky we didn’t get caught.” I had come down from my head trip and set the cross back where it was before, didn’t clean the cum up. He held mass in 5 hours….

Not sure how I feel about this blog...A little disturbing, but hot as hell (no pun intended)
A lot of these situations are disturbing.. Madonna did hump a cross in the 80s on public TV.
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this is a wet dream for any recovering faggot Catholic