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Picks up from a blog written 2 months ago. DO read it.


Months ago I had written about a college professor for a major university. He was well to do, yet he was a broken man. The other facility never took him seriously, students laughed at his weird accent, and he had almost no friends. He taught advanced algebra, calculus, and tutored students from other math courses over the summer. When we chatted he was very intelligent for the most part.  But he always used to tell me despite all his success he was a loser deep down. We had talked about potential blackmail our last session, something I’ve not been much a fan of. I like power of attorney. :-). We’ve been discussing that recently actually.


We had a black mail contract, nothing was done with it for a long time.  6 months after our last encounter, he sent me a text. We talked back and forth about this and that. Eventually we got back to where he felt weak. “I need to not be in control Kristopher, and you’re so hot you make me want to bring myself lower and become stupid.” I called him back and with the sigh I could tell he was happy to hear my voice. “Its not about becoming stupid, its about embracing your true nature. You are made fun of by everyone because they ALREADY KNOW you’re a loser. Now its time to let go and embrace it. You’ve tried to express it before…” He breathed heavily, “I always fail sir, I help EVERYONE succeed but I always fail myself. Its just seems so right for you to take control of the wheel. I won’t talk back again sir.”


Now as the years went on, I went through hoops, just experience from time, and personal mistakes to understand how drops/crawl cycles can work mentally for a submissive. I’m not just talking about him. There are things beyond my control, but the professor was one tough case to crack. His name was Spyro, yes like the dragon. He would start to lose his mind a little, and the false reality he was used to began to interfere. Learning how to follow his curve was a process. He was also into to some darker things, maybe some time for another blog. Back then he used to start off with buying socks among other disgusting things in the mail. If you’re some dark minded faggot/breeder use your imagination.


I had sent him back a new cage like we did before as he sent me back the key, which i made sure matched with the second key. I don’t use cheap locks.. When we met he had never had sex in his life. He knew he’s too pathetic and disgusting for anyone to want him. Drones aren’t meant to be appealing, they’re born to obey. Months had gone by as it was now 2016 into election year. Andrew on the other hand was planning on coming over for election night to hear the results of him being a loser (even though I was pissed in reality!) That’s how I keep track of dates many times. Video stamps and intercrossing times of experiences. Few have even crossed paths…  Back to Spyro, he was now caged and going to classes like normal again. I no longer had access to his finances, as our last encounter he exploded on me and went into a period of denial ;-) .


I would send him pictures of his ass with pics of cash flowing from his ass while he was busy at work. (I’m good with photoshop.) Before me he never knew what cash rape was, but the pathetic nature of his loser self found it appealing because everything in his mind became so clear. Once I started fucking his wallet with my big dick to where he would be broke, his mind would show signs of his true self just spreading his legs to his life source. Just like not fucking a virgin too hard, I fucked him too hard in the beginning. He would come back just to feel my cash cock grinding around inside his wallet once again like before till he spasmed on my dick flowing $100s out in the process as his tiny clit jizzed hands free after ages of not cumming.


We had met up at his place instead this time as I flew to his state. I was tired of that cheap cheap hotel with this angry Hindu woman who bitches when you ask for something. Everytime I go she’s ALWAYS there as if the only other employees are the Mexican cleaning ladies. I didn’t mind, all his cash was going to me after all. Anyway We went to his bank, adding my name to the account again as well as making a second account. I was to be primary holder of the account and he would need permission from me each time to attempt to make changes. All new cards were being sent out. We made sure to pull it all out before, and deposit some into my account, making sure not to alert the IRS depositing too much at once.


Now this contract from before..... was now in play as changes were made. (Had it changed next time he came over to Chicago.) He freely allowed any risk of ruin of character. Now that it was all settled, I decided I would be staying for two weeks. He would take me to work with him as his nephew where I would chill in his office. I had ozium to chase away the smell of marijuana smoke. He didn’t dare ask me to not do anything at this point, because he had put his life in my hands to hurt him however I wanted. And this is the life he wanted, which was only beginning. I had mind fucked him into becoming my walking ATM for both our pleasure.


Students would come into his office late afternoon and evening complimenting the lemon scent in his office. One boy had Spyro twitching, some blue eyed along twink. When we were alone he told me, “I’ve wanted to sniff that boys feet for long time now, i’d even let him fuck me over too.” I told him to write it down on paper and hold it up as I snapped photos. Throughout the two weeks there I would get him to do humiliating things that I could use against him, such as leaving him looking like the messy human toilet he is. On his bed and at the office he confessed on video boys at the school who made fun of him actually turned him on. After being caged long ago he had fantasies about Nathan and a few others fucking his wallet as they made fun of him as they normally do. This was all evidence now. He asked to have me milk his prostate with a toy so he could cum, as this was all so exciting. I refused to let him cum and assured him to let his mind unload and just focus on my direction as I returned home. He had Nathan’s Paypal which he had got when he sold a comic to this boy for cheap. That spun sadistic wheels in my head.


He now had his money go to the small account we made for bills, food, and other things he needed to keep receipts for. Everything else was all for me. It was always mine to begin with. He knew that. All of you reading this know that too. None of it was ever yours to begin with.


One night when I was at home we decided it was time to play team viewer for the first time in ages. He sniffed poppers while I went through his emails. He had projects for school and meetings to attend. I sent him tons of pics I had taken of him in his office declaring his disgusting thoughts naked and on his bed with his tag on proclaiming what a fucking loser he was. He had brought himself lower then before, making me more powerful then ever before with the total power over everything he could do and say. One false choice to disobey me could result in being destroyed. He sniffed as I went into the school site. “Sir thats all my student contacts… thats all my tests I have to hand out, thats where I post grades…” Not needing to drain him, I could still make him feel lower to really fry his whatever was left in his weak mind.


I found Nathan’s contact and email. I locked his computer and pointed the mouse over the photos of him confessing his disgusting fantasies for Nathan’s size 14s and videos wanted to be robbed by him. Over the phone he kept thanking me for fucking him over. I emailed Nathan the pics videos, and sending him a paypal payment of $250. I went into iMessage on his mac and was able to text nathan, both having iPhones. I asked if he got the cash. Obviously they had talked before. “Thanks but why give me the cash? Hang on going to read your emails.” I told Spyro to sniff his poppers as I transferred more cash from the main account into his small account. Turns out despite making fun of Spyro, he ha a bf himself, as he got a text from him asking for the same thing, showing his biceps and size 13 shoe, not much smaller then his mans. This was totally unexpected.


Texts were going back and forth as Spyro sniffed and played around with his clit locked in a plastic cage riding a dildo. I could head his wooden chair by the computer squeaking as his ass slapped against the surface till the large dildo filled him up again. He kept muttering that his entire career could be fucked over and he deserves it because he’s a loser… just a fucking loser.. Adam also got an email with the contract and photos talking about his arms and perfect ass. Now, Adam was str8 unlike Nathan and his bf Aiden. Apparently Aiden knew much about BDSM and deep down I knew he had nothing to worry bout with these two. But I was getting off to having them demand more cash or they would take this to the school administrators. I sent tributes in his name as he moaned on the phone thanking me for fucking him over. Adam Sent him an angry email saying he was going to tell and that he was a fucking faggot. I sent an email back posing as Spyro offering to pay him off. He demanded 1000. I transferred money into his account from his main check as Spyro started crying that it felt amazing to feel terrified like this. He had never felt so alive.


3 Guys were now threatening him to send more as he explained about his master. Adam was cruel, and sent screenshots of him sending evidence to members of the board via email for more $$. I was getting off to every second watching this man let himself get fucked over so willingly and proudly. He had finally let the walls come down as I fucked the shit out of his mind. He was blown on poppers and wine to where he was in another world. “Your voice is so soothing sir, its lead me to my destiny. And its leading me to possibly being ruined and fucked over beyond repair but I don’t care.. it feels so right..” The next hours were filled with threats as he had been rinsed of 8 thousand. He made sure to call and thank them for threatening him after he came thru his cage. The dildo his his cash pussy and gspot which is how he is going to cum the rest of his life. He accepts and is happy with that. “My bank account isn’t truly mine sir, its yours to use and pimp out as you like. I think we should send them my social security number sir.”


I typed back, “I Think thats a good idea. Your mothers maiden name would add a nice touch.”

As for the security cameras mentioned last time.... thats for another blog.