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Honestly one of the best I've written in a while Non extreme but includes some really.... quite memorable moments of my life._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Note: (This will be gone later, if there are grammar errors that dont make sense I will correct them later got shit to do.)

This was way before I was a findom, or bdsm dom in general. I was legal yet still technically a teen. I hadn’t yet moved out of my parents and this is probably my first taste in any type of role as a “dominant.” I had already thought of dark and perverted things for many years. 7 Months after I turned 18, I had continued mowing the lawns during the summer like every summer before. It was always something to do making extra cash and getting out of the house. I would wear regular tennis shoes and like any young adult that age, I didn’t change my socks often. I wouldn’t dare mess up any of my skate shoes even then. I had always lived in the same town, just moving certain houses away. I had lived behind the house where Al Capones Mother lived.


There was this really nice man next door, Mr. Robinson (Changing the name for this story.) He was always so kind to me growing up. From every spring till fall he sit in his lawn chair with his wife grilling, drinking and smoking cigarettes. I had also mowed his lawn. When I turned 18, he started tipping me with 50s instead of 20s, “Shhh its between us.” I never thought much of it, and figured he was close with my parents and liked me. He would have me do extra things that he could easily do himself. “I know you like to garden Ive watched you plant things with your mother for a long time. I’m sure you know how to plant bulbs and use mulch young man.” The tips for yard work went from 40 to 100. I remember feeling extra excited when mowing his lawn rather any for anyone else.


I was already out of the closet as a bisexual yearrrrs before (because its 2019 and if you’re behind the times you’re fucking retarted) and Mr.Robinson would always give me advice as he had gay/bi friends himself. Sure I was a bit shy back then but he would always ask if how things were whenever I had a bf from school. He truly did care about me. He was a nice man that was always so generous with me on top of being someone to talk to. During days when I wasn’t hanging with him, he’d watch me skateboarding down the street whether I was alone with friends. Over time I noticed he would look out his window then come outside with a case of beer and sunglasses. It was overtime I had wondered if Mr Robinson was bi, and wondered if he had something for me. He would never seem to be the perverted type of man. In regular clothes he would always comment how nice my shoes were and would ask why youngin’s  these days like expensive shoes. He always seemed intrigued when I was size 12 at a young age. He would make comments at how they looked nicer broken in after taking some beatings down the street.


It was one day near the end of the summer when his wife was out to see her sister out in California for a month taking care of real estate business. I had my own cell phone at the time. I had just come in from mowing lawns and sat in my room to play Tomb Raider on my original playstation one. He had called me saying he needed help in the garage. I arrived still in my trashed sneakers as he appeared more drunk then ever. He slurred his words. “Those socks must smell boy…” I noticed he was hard in his own shorts. “What would you say if I gave you $200 just to clean your shoes off after being outside all day…?” I was shocked but knew what a foot fetish was. My mother was once a dominatrix and had already explained tons of fetishes once I came out(was never a femdom but knew what it was before I did.) I sat on his bench where me and him would play Nintendo 64 on a regular basis.


“Do you have a thing for feet Mr.Robinson? Now that I think about it you were always really really nice to me once you knew… about you know what. You’ve always made comments about my shoes… and just made one about how my socks must smell.” He leaned over drinking his hill billy beer slurring his words like I had never seen an older adult. “would you say I’m crazy if I do kristopher?” I started to feel turned on by the attention and new wave emotions that were coming over me. “No not at all, I’m into stuff myself. But I think I’ll take that 200 do whatever you want bro.” He got on his knees opening his wallet and gave me 4 $50s. He crawled over holding the bills in his hand as I reached out,. I was taking hold of cash from a submissive for the very first time IN MY LIFE.


I was hard in my basket ball shorts as he leaned towards my shoes muttering “fuck you’re huge for a… would you like a cigarette? It’ll be our secret.” He chuckled as I figured why not I’m old enough now. He put his face in both my shoes as I held them together. “How I’ve dreamed of this for so long…” He started using his long tongue licking the sides, then the bottoms. I could hear his teeth making *zipping* sounds as they glided across the bottom ridges. 20 Minutes walked by as he kept offering me more cigarettes and would take sips of his beer. “Fuck…. I think $100 to clean each sock should be the right thing young man.” He opened his wallet again and handed me 2 $50s and 1 $100 Bill. I just sat there with no experience but was enjoying a wave of my first head trip now that I’m older looking back. He peeled off my shoes with his teeth, something I would soon see happen before my eyes on a regular basis for the rest of my life till now. He started sucking on my dark socks that used to be white. He sucked and sucked… burying his nose through the holes in my socks as he groaned like a moose being shot and sprayed all over the cement in his garage. We made sure that this would be our little secret, and to keep the money hidden. This happened once or twice a month until I moved out on my own 3 months later.




Fast forward 6 years to 2013. We hadn’t talked much only on occasion when I had come to visit. My mother was very open and told everybody my business. She was like Debby From Queer as folk even had the damn buttons. One time during the fall (while visiting) we sat in my parents backyard as he told me he heard I was in the world of financial domination. “Kristopher way before we met I have always been a cash sub. Now don’t get the wrong idea. But I used to have fantasies about you robbing me in a cruel way…. I would go online in these small groups online. Things are sure different now with things like Skype.” It was very interesting to be matured and having a different perspective of things. “Yes its very different, It’s even changed now then when I even started.” We sat and chatted as he opened up to me and told me his wife was cheating on him and that was getting cash fucked by a dom downtown Chicago as a way of lashing back. “To be honest Kristopher, one time I walked in on her but didn’t say anything..  I couldn’t see but I heard lots of moaning. It did turn me on… But I want to see her face… and don’t know if I should end it all.”


He asked me to act like I was visiting but locked out late at night, as she was a thirsty woman and was after young guys. She used to tell him how she had to admit I was very handsome. Little did she know her husband thought the same thing. So at 2AM I had knocked on her door. I told her I was locked out and that my parents were out at the bar Hydro in Chicago. Mr. Robinson made sure to tell her he would be out at the Casino at night and not to wait up for him. She was dressed in a nightgown with a very obvious black bra. “Of course Kristopher you’re always welcome in our home. Would you like some water or a drink?” I looked around the house feeling awkward wondering if this woman would hit on me or not.. and knowing I had grown up seeing her differently my entire life. I had a glass of merlot as she walked around putting dishes away. “You know Kristopher you’ve become a very handsome young man. You don’t have many girlfriends that often. There was that nice girl Kate whatever happened to her?” “I don’t wanna get into it.”


She sat at the kitchen table and packed a bowl of weed, knowing I had already smoked myself. “When was the last time with a woman dear?” She asked me in a different tone opening her gown slightly.” I got the vibe she wanted me. “Too long.” She adjusted herself in her chair passing the bowl to me. “Larry doesn’t do it for me anymore. He has a small dick anyway and doesn’t know how to fuck.” She was obviously drunk and very stoned this late at night. I decided to spill my wine “accidentally” on my shirt and took it off without asking. “My Kristopher you really have become handsome… you have a gorgeous body.” I blushed as she told me she would go wash it right away. She came back and asked If I needed a shirt.. walking towards me only black panties and her bra. “Lets fine you something to wear anyway.”


We walked to the bedroom and as I entered she was now fully nude with her legs open. “You can stay as long as you want sweetheart. If its been too long, I have the perfect thing for you to wear.” I crawled between her legs and shoved all 8 inches inside as she was already wet. She must have been lusting for me while we were talking in the kitchen. She felt amazing, and I then heard a sigh from the closet, knowing Mr Robinson was standing in the closet watching. She moaned loudly that I was so much fucking better then larry, and how she’s dreamed of this moment. “Larry is a fucking faggot I found pictures of his male foot fetish in his phone. He’s been paying boys online! Yes FUCK ME LIKE A REAL MAN DOES KRIS!” I plowed away into her grinning ear to ear knowing I was one of those boys.


“Oh Kris I’ve wanted his for so long… awwwww you’re the hottest man in the world. Fuck me. Fuck me. OMG I’m gonna cum… nobody has fucked me like this in years.. oh sweetheart YES!” While she was cuming all over me I could hear a louder sigh in the closet. When me and Mr Robinson talked the next day he said something about that moment excited him, that jealousy had vanished.




Fast Forward 3 years this time to 2016.


We had met up at my mothers wake, but this time he and Martha had been divorced. We obviously didn’t talk about anything inappropriate because thats not why we were there. We did exchange new numbers and told me If i ever needed to talk he was there. I hugged and thanked him.


A few months later he called me and asked if I wanted to mow his lawn like old times. I arrived but this time in a pair of Osiris and regular clothes… being kinkier now then I ever was. He sat in his lawn as I took breaks riding my skateboard no socks just to tease him. He grabbed his crotch knowing now that the dynamics changed, this was totally normal. After his lawn was done we went into the garage. He told me he now had paypal and wanted to get fucked and fucked hard. “Just use your imagination sir. Do whatever you want to me, like the first time you said do whatever I want to your feet.. Sir She took half my money. Everything in my bank account is there for you to see I’m begging you to rob me!” I opened his laptop under his wifi while I stuffed one sock in his mouth and tied one of my Osiris hightop around his head. “I can’t see sir!” I made him strip but naked. “Thats the point you fucking idiot!”


I stuck 2 fingers up his ass after spiting on them. “Its fucking pathetic years ago.. that I gave your wife the best fuck she ever had. It was so good she left you so she could get REAL dick.” He moaned through the sock grinding his bare cock against the pick up truck parked in the garage. I looked in his bank account while fingering his hole and saw his savings account was one tight cash cunt to fuck. I Then went into paypal taking $1500. He didn’t see what I took, nor did he want to. He was a pathetic loser, and this is what he deserved. He had been hiding his true identity but now he knew. He was a human ATM born to be fucked by men with big dicks.


“You’re cash was never your cash to begin with. Did it make your cunt twitch giving me 50s instead of 20s when I was younger?” He moaned and nodded his head up and down. “Well now I’m going to take all of it. You keep sucking on that sock your worthless piece of shit!” Here I was talking to the nice man who watched me grow up as I was taking advantage of him and fucking him over. Since poppers weren’t in the equation I stuck my cock in reminding him this was the same cock that replaced his by fucking his wife. The same cock that gave his wife the hottest fuck was now not only fucking too, but fucking his bank account. I took the sock and shoe off letting him watch what I had done so far, rinsing him of 6 grand. “Feel my cash cock pounding your bank account? Feel it slipping in and out our your wallet as you enjoy how amazing I feel inside of you. All that Cash is your pussy juice flowing into me. My Cash Cock is mowing your cash cunt like I mowed your grass. Doesn’t this feel so much better getting your wallet fucked and jerking your cash away like a fucking idiot?”


“You were born to put me in place sir, I watched you grow up only to let you destroy me! I Love you Kristopher please fuck me harder!!” I sped up with my balls slapping his ass as I did a bank transfer of 5k. He moaned at the screen jerking off faster as I spit in his face. “You’re getting fucked over even harder now! I came in his ass as I shuddered after barely typing to send the final 3k on the screen. I had fucked his wife, his ass, and his bank account. He thanked me for ALL of it.  He came all over the cement floor likes years long ago and smiled. “Thank you for fucking my bank account Kristopher…”






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