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There is a difference between the fantasy of a greedy dom fucking the shit out of you, and greed that extends beyond your requested limits along with being taken advantage of and not in a good way. I’m speaking as Kristopher, a human being and not KrisHawk.

I’ve learned overtime you must have some empathy to gain long term trust. (This blog does not apply to the other type of cash sub, instant hard rapes from “one night stands.” At some point I’ll cover the mindset of you guys as Its harder for me to describe…  One of the main fantasies of this scene is obviously to be taken advantage of, robbed, manipulated, becoming a drone whatever. But I truly think masters and subs are tired of the common problems with the scene regardless. (I've written about time wasters already you can see that at the bottom.)

This guide of mine is a bit more complex with the exception of my blog on addiction and professional help.

Before I cover the topic of lack of empathy, I have to tactfully make important statements relevant to my end point. (There is a reason to all of this I promise.)

There are many things when getting into their mind or draining them in any shape or form. The same in just having a normal conversation. On a side note, (when doing something extreme/and a hard rape) I get a feel if he is of sound mind. I also operate in talking to him more then once. If These want to lose a sense of control (regardless if its full or partial) then I go all in.

There is a difference between paying someone to get you off to a fantasy vs fully being able to control someone even OUTSIDE of the internet and into their personal lives…just like there is a difference between a sugar daddy and a cash sub. People make the mistake of grouping both of of those comparisons into one.

To Truly get into someones head longterm doesn’t happen overnight, like a mentally disturbed patient doesn’t heal from just a few therapy sessions.  I look at someone’s facial expressions when asking them random questions to get a feel how their brain works. To truly have someone wrapped around your finger many factors must be involved. You have to fully gage their facial expressions and how they fully cognate things. Getting to someone and gaining theire trust depends on how you treat them and most importantly, personality along with true empathy.

Looks only last so long, and your body isn’t invincible. Words are words, actions are another thing. The personality of a master is what truly determines how long they stay in this game… with a few exceptions…. If you are truly an asshole or a greedy person, you will only go so far. Maybe with cash from ruthless means praying on vulnerable people, but the trust and loyalty will become less and less. Personality isn’t just how you carry yourself in how you speak. ANYBODY can say anything they want, ITS THE INTERNET. You personality also rests with your actions and how you treat others, your slaves most importantly….

Some say greed is the root of all evil in this world in general. Some say its money…I think its a combination of both especially in this scene. In BDSM, many forms of abuse appeal to different masochists/sadists and submissivess/doms. In general BDSM, there are these things called limits and safe words. It’s also the responsibility of a dom to call the safe word on his or her own. Like when a sub is not thinking as clearly as usual… and the master/misstress knows it is not in their best interests long term. It’s NOT that complicated to use common sense, if you have empathy.

Greed can make people do crazy things that are uncivilized and inhumane. Like I said in a previous post, one slave passed out in open chat. A master he trusted took more then agreed upon and laughed openly while others cheered him on. Nobody said ANYTHING. Thats Disturbing and only a tip of the iceberg how greed intoxicates our community.

Lack of empathy has led many cash cow seekers (rather then genuine doms) to use cut throat tactics to squeeze any penny they can if a cash sub wishes to pull away, stop for good, or take a break. I’ve heard this countless times as slaves from other masters come venting to me. (Our conversations stay confidential.) Some have bragged about contacting personal family members with embarrassing photos.

Another example greed can push a master to go beyond a subs limits when the “sub-spaced” slave in question has already disclosed the most what he could spend. In the heat of the moment, the slave may enjoy it but the aftermath changes the dynamics of a long term BDSM relationship. BDSM Should NEVER end in regret, and when some masters exhibit greed that goes beyond BDSM, regret DOES FOLLOWS SUIT.  If a sub has emotional issues, take that into consideration ALWAYS. BDSM is supposed to be a fun form of power exchange, not a way to seek the internet out for a cash cow.

There’s a saying some things are best left fantasy. I think most subs reading this would agree 100% on that. For those that do live out DARK morbid fantasies, I wait till I know them for awhile and have normal conversations. When talking to someone into findom, I ask about other kinks (without even mentioning a tribute) to see where their head is at. I ask about a history of mental illness and watch their hand, eye, and facial movements.

In some people’s heads reading this, yes you may fantasize about being hurt and ruined in your personal life. But when reality hits you’ll be crying like you always do. I have gone too far in my younger years and learned from guilt and the reality of fantasies gone too far. Do i still take these cases on? Yes but with extreme caution. Its exciting for me to make larger power transfers but it isn’t fun for me if the sub (a human being) is suffering for real. That’s not a genuine BDSM connection.

If the first thought in a master’s mind is PROFIT, his/her following of loyal subs won’t be that large of a base. Subs are more intelligent then they let on! They may act stupid because thats part of the fantasy. Most outside the other side of the computer speak normally in their everyday lives. Even if it gets to the point to where they are close to the definition of what one may call a “drone.”

Do I have drones? Yes, I even have one that lives in my spare bedroom. I won’t craft a drone if it impacts their long term wellbeing. My live in sub was unhappy with his life and now he has MORE freedoms then he did before. His situation is a bit complex.

To any subs reading this, greed is the main problem in this scene. Its also up to YOU to eliminate greed as well. If a master is treating you like a sugar daddy when you like to play findom on your own terms, STOP ENABLING HIM!! He will continue to carry on doing this because he thinks its ok as you all continue to do it. Thats where you can do your part. Understand that this is a fetish where MOST subs would rather play findom on their OWN TERMS. Don’t be afraid to voice what you’re into and what your limits are. BE FIRM! If that master completely disregards what you have to say and you are not speaking on a sub level, rethink things.

Once you lose all sense of greed and forget about HOW MUCH you make in findom, is when the money comes in. It comes in when you STOP CARING. Because if you care about the more important dynamics, advanced subs WILL SEE THAT. The majority of genuine subs LURK and for VERY GOOD reasons! Despite what many think about me, I am a lot better at this then you think. I’ve been trusted with access to many bank, phone, email, and iCloud logins ect. I got this far based on my Brains and personality. The second I see a sub hurting in misery or sense a slight change in energy, I hit the stop button and ask if something is wrong and snap out of my own head space.

There are many types of power exchange/transfer. Money is just ONE of those things.  Findom requires other skilled forms of BDSM as well. I’ve been into BDSM since I was 16. I’ve learned from many and have learned 101 rules that should ALWAYS be followed no matter what form of BDSM it is. Like I said, BDSM should never end in regret.


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Very wise words there, Krishawk. Everyone should read this, even if you don't agree with it all.
Hope it helped in some way.
Amen Sir
About to release next one :-)